Frogs – Public Speaking



What do frogs eat at a restaurant? They eat french fries and a diet croak. Can you guess what I will be talking about today… Frogs!! Have you ever thought about getting a pet frog? If you thought no, you were WRONG, Everyone needs a frog. When you go to a pet store, get a frog! It can’t harm you, go get it! YAY!


Good morning, and HI! I’m Sam, the one who loves frogs most, and I will make you get a frog in not so long. Before I start, get your money ready because I guarantee you that you will want to buy 700 or more frogs by the time we are finished!    I will tell you about types of frogs, facts about frogs and why you should get a frog.


Types of frogs


To start, I’m going to tell you all about frogs! Frogs come in so many, lots of different types. Here is the long and short part (you may not understand) First comes true toads, American bullfrogs, tree frogs and even more (like 6000 more!) You should own tree frogs or frogs you can buy from your local pet store, but you should not get a frog with vibrant colours because usually they are poisonous or carry venom. There are billions (less) of frogs out there.


 My point is… GET A FROG! You will never need to be bored again (unless you don’t have a frog)  once you have a frog, just think how much you have changed after you get a frog. Now you can be alive and free from boredom FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (yay!


Fact about frogs


Frogs do not need much equipment, just a bit, and it depends on the type of frog you have. If you have an African dwarf frog (like I have) you need a tank. What’s weird about them is they need to live in the water, but they need air to live as well. They go up for air every 15 minutes; It just comes back up and takes a breath.  One of the best tanks you could get is one at big ALS. A fish store.


Let’s talk more about frogs and how they feel. A lot of people with no brains think frogs are disgusting and slimy. They are not slimy, but they are wet, also frogs are very holdable. Frogs are easy to hold, but they are hard to catch and a fact about frogs is that when you hold it the scent of your hand makes the mom frog abandon the baby frog, devastating, right? That means the best way to hold a frog is to use a scent of dirt, or put dirt on a plastic bag and put your hand in it, and the last suggestion is to put water and dirt (something that smells bad and is moist.) Here is why, frogs breathe out of their skin, and they can’t breathe so easily if you hold them, and you should at least hold frogs for 1–7 minutes


You might be thinking and may have some questions… Where do you find frogs? Can a frog smile? Are frogs dangerous?

But don’t worry, only some types are actually dangerous.


Here is a cool fact about frogs. There are over 5,000 species of frogs. Scientists continue discovering new species. Frog species come in a huge variety of sizes and colours. They can be found in a variety of habitats on every continent except Antarctica. Frogs are amphibians, which are cold-blooded  and they don’t have scales! They are vertebrates, which means they have backbones that don’t have scales. 


Convincing you to get a frog


Now Here I’m going to pretty much CONVINCE you to get a frog. Well no, not convince you, I will MAKE you get one. Frogs are so cute and guess what! This right here will blow your mind. Frogs do enjoy being petted because they are afraid of being squished. When people pet them, they may not be aware of it, but a frog’s body is very slimy, and they may slip and fall to the ground (uh oh)!





In conclusion, I have told you about different types of frogs, their emotions and how they feel, why you should get one, and the equipment you will need. I have a frog and they make great pets.  Thank you for listening to my presentation.


Self Directed Science

Intro: hi im sam and i am going to talk about my self directed science.

first ill tell you about amethyst. it is actually not its own crystal is is just crystalline quartz. colors are a light lilac and it can also be dark purple-red. its high in hardness, its a 7. the february birthstone is actually amethyst. it can be carved, cabbbed and made into big big big options of beads and other carvable stuff.


Engaging in the learning:

Get this, you’re on a part of the titanic in the whole pacific and then suddenly there was a big thunderstorm, Even when you had a record-breaking amethyst. You were struggling to stay on the boat and 2 of the 3 of you fell off the boat. Well I made that out of cardboard and I brought an amethyst from my house. Here are the steps how to make it

  1. get a peice of cardboard
  2. cut off the top
  3. get amethyst
  4. colour or print some blue caves on the sides
  5. get 4 peices of cardboard and shape it into a boat shape
  6. make a small box with hot glue
  7. get an amethyst and put it on your titanic piece
  8. get some string and hot glue it on the boat\
  9. add 3 people
  10. you finished

here is a video of the final product (also explaining it)
and after you listened to it, here is the picture of it if you finished and done all the steps you need to do to make your boat on the pacific ocean.

i think it would be better if i made the boat bigger and make the scene a bit more ovbious. i would change the look of the scene.

Innovation Day


HI, today i am going to talk about our innovation day project.


we were told to make a medieval castle with a working drawbridge. a drawbridge is a type of door that opens by pulling up and down instead of regular doors that you are used to. we are told to type down how we made our castle. i will show you step by step how to make a castle. sometimes castles can be really hard and stressful so only make it if you think you’re able to. here is some of my background info

Background info


we are going to talk about pulleys and gears. we will start with pulleys. A pulley is where you pull and it can sometimes reduce the force. you can attach something to a pulley if you don’t want to use your muscles you attach it to a pulley and then your using gravity and force


my hypothesis:

i thought that my castle would have three floors and have the best pulley ever. how you ask, here! i thought we would add a stick, tape and string to the tape and attach it to the drawbridge. we would pull the stick back, because it would be attached to the drawbridge so it would close. then we would push back and it would open!


here is our list on how to make the castle.

    1. get a cardboard box with no top (if there is a top you cut it off)
    2. make a hole for the drawbridge
    3. cut boxes on the top for decor
    4. make the pulley system (create something that can help you pull it up and down)
    5. attach it to the drawbridge
    6. add gears (to get extra points)
    7. make a flag for the castle (to get extra points
    8. build a watchtower/ jailhouse if you want to make a fire pit too!
    9. inside the castle make a clock
    10. make a throne and table (for the queen, if you have one!)
    11. make a toilet and hot glue something onto the toilet
    12. now you can paint!!!
    13. paint the inside and outside grey.
    14. decorate and add windows
    15. add bitmojis or add stickers for the queen peasant and guard (only if you really want to!
    16. add a staircase
    17. add pictures and videos of you explaining your castle
    18. once you’ve done all of the above you have finished doing it

YOU HAVE FINISHED!! here are some pictures of us building and painting our castle.


here is my final video of explaining what our castle is.

self assessment:

self reflection:

i liked doing the castle. it was very fun and challenging. painting and making a pulley was not easy, because it would always break. i would change up our door because it can’t fit in. i liked the door too because it was very decorative. before painting we could have made the colour more grey then dark because, my group wanted it more grey.

my stopmotion experience

hi, sam in da house! i was assigned a stop motion as claymation. when i started doing stop motion, i thought i would never finish, so to the point. Starting i made roz while my group made the background. since our scene in the wild robot was in the winter while roz built a shelter, we had to build a shelter. that was the hardest part, it kept breaking but we kept trying, trying and trying… until it finally worked! We were very happy but we still had a lot to do.

later (1 week) we were ready to record! we started recording, and it was very fun. i liked being roz she was very active, and helpful.

my light unit!!!

hola humans!

the first thing we learned about light was artificial sources of light and natural sources of light. here are some examples of natural sources of lights sunlight, fireflies, moon and fireflies! those are all natural light. here are some artificial sources of light. light bulb, glow sticks and fireworks. those are all stuff that make light but people make that light that’s what artificial light and natural light means it was made naturally and no one made it.

Sun on blue sky Sun on blue sky with clouds Sunlight Stock Photo

luminous and non luminous. luminous means it creates its own light non luminous is not capable of producing light, but possibly capable of reflecting light from another light source.
White glowing light explodes on a transparent background. with ray. Transparent shining sun, bright flash. The center of a bright flash. White glowing light explodes on a transparent background. with ray. Transparent shining sun, bright flash. The center of a bright flash luminous stock illustrations

how light travels. light travels in a straight line when in water it bends the light and would make EVERY out of place for example  when a fisher is fishing they will have trouble fishing they can see the fish but it looks like it is going in the other direction

reflection is when something reflects like a mirror when you look in to a mirror you can see yourself if it was not smooth it would make you look weird and not how you actually look like because the mirror reflects the light

Desert magic A mysterious mirror in an arid land, reflecting blue sky and lush green landscape. Mirror - Object Stock Photo

transparent means you can see through it clearly and the light can go through translucent means that you can see through but not clearly so it is very blurry opaque means no light can go through it blocks all the light

reflection of learning:

Science is going very well. I like it but I want to do something other than light. I want to be better at knowing what luminous and non luminous is. I always forget what it means. I’m good at everything but luminous and non luminous and refraction.

I would like to learn about frogs and what they do.

Personal recount

With my parents I drove to Niagara Falls.  I was super excited, it looked so fun. I thought we would go under the falls but my mom said it would crush us. When we got to Niagara Falls, we walked down the front path. It led to a garden that had vibrant colours of flowers. It was so beautiful it smelled like cherries and lavender. We continued walking and when we got to the Falls, we found an open area. We took some pictures and ate some snacks. We had  goldfish and apple sauce.


Later, after taking loads of pictures and eating snacks, we went to a restaurant. We did not know what it was called. At the restaurant we went to eat real food. Emma got poutine my mom got a mango smoothie i got perogies and my dad got nothing, they tasted super good. I ate too much so we sat for a few minutes to digest. Then we walked to the boat. There was a very big line up and there were two sides. America’s side and Canada’s side. We were waiting for twenty minutes. We got ponchos. Our ponchos were red and America’s ponchos were blue.


Finally we were able to go on the boat. When we got on the boat we went like 50 feet away from the waterfall itself! There were lots of mist. The waterfall was very cool and we were very close. We barely got wet from the waterfall because of the ponchos. Last we got off the boat and wanted to go again. We had a choice to recycle our ponchos or keep them. We decided to keep the ponchos for useful times then we went to our car and drove back to our hotel. Niagara Fall fun we planned going again in the future.