my stopmotion experience

hi, sam in da house! i was assigned a stop motion as claymation. when i started doing stop motion, i thought i would never finish, so to the point. Starting i made roz while my group made the background. since our scene in the wild robot was in the winter while roz built a shelter, we had to build a shelter. that was the hardest part, it kept breaking but we kept trying, trying and trying… until it finally worked! We were very happy but we still had a lot to do.

later (1 week) we were ready to record! we started recording, and it was very fun. i liked being roz she was very active, and helpful.

my light unit!!!

hola humans!

the first thing we learned about light was artificial sources of light and natural sources of light. here are some examples of natural sources of lights sunlight, fireflies, moon and fireflies! those are all natural light. here are some artificial sources of light. light bulb, glow sticks and fireworks. those are all stuff that make light but people make that light that’s what artificial light and natural light means it was made naturally and no one made it.

Sun on blue sky Sun on blue sky with clouds Sunlight Stock Photo

luminous and non luminous. luminous means it creates its own light non luminous is not capable of producing light, but possibly capable of reflecting light from another light source.
White glowing light explodes on a transparent background. with ray. Transparent shining sun, bright flash. The center of a bright flash. White glowing light explodes on a transparent background. with ray. Transparent shining sun, bright flash. The center of a bright flash luminous stock illustrations

how light travels. light travels in a straight line when in water it bends the light and would make EVERY out of place for example  when a fisher is fishing they will have trouble fishing they can see the fish but it looks like it is going in the other direction

reflection is when something reflects like a mirror when you look in to a mirror you can see yourself if it was not smooth it would make you look weird and not how you actually look like because the mirror reflects the light

Desert magic A mysterious mirror in an arid land, reflecting blue sky and lush green landscape. Mirror - Object Stock Photo

transparent means you can see through it clearly and the light can go through translucent means that you can see through but not clearly so it is very blurry opaque means no light can go through it blocks all the light

reflection of learning:

Science is going very well. I like it but I want to do something other than light. I want to be better at knowing what luminous and non luminous is. I always forget what it means. I’m good at everything but luminous and non luminous and refraction.

I would like to learn about frogs and what they do.

Personal recount

With my parents I drove to Niagara Falls.  I was super excited, it looked so fun. I thought we would go under the falls but my mom said it would crush us. When we got to Niagara Falls, we walked down the front path. It led to a garden that had vibrant colours of flowers. It was so beautiful it smelled like cherries and lavender. We continued walking and when we got to the Falls, we found an open area. We took some pictures and ate some snacks. We had  goldfish and apple sauce.


Later, after taking loads of pictures and eating snacks, we went to a restaurant. We did not know what it was called. At the restaurant we went to eat real food. Emma got poutine my mom got a mango smoothie i got perogies and my dad got nothing, they tasted super good. I ate too much so we sat for a few minutes to digest. Then we walked to the boat. There was a very big line up and there were two sides. America’s side and Canada’s side. We were waiting for twenty minutes. We got ponchos. Our ponchos were red and America’s ponchos were blue.


Finally we were able to go on the boat. When we got on the boat we went like 50 feet away from the waterfall itself! There were lots of mist. The waterfall was very cool and we were very close. We barely got wet from the waterfall because of the ponchos. Last we got off the boat and wanted to go again. We had a choice to recycle our ponchos or keep them. We decided to keep the ponchos for useful times then we went to our car and drove back to our hotel. Niagara Fall fun we planned going again in the future.

About Me

Hello! I am I am 8 years old. I also have 1 cat 1 mom 1 dad 1 brother and 1 sister my favourite animal is an axolotl they live in Mexico and come in different colours the rarest is bluish-purple. My cats name is Cooper my parents were gonna name him Romeo but we voted and Cooper won 🏆 🏅 🥇